Soul Intent – Testimonials on Krista – A Catalyst in Healing Process!

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My name is Gerry and I own Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Through my work I have the greatest opportunity to meet healers from all over the world every single day. Every now and again you meet someone who truly stands out, Krista is one of those people. She is one of the few people in the world whom I recommend.  Maintaining my integrity is of the utmost importance to me, I sleep well at night knowing that I’m recommending someone who can truly affect change in you. I’m happy to know her as a healer and a person.

Gerry Powell

Rythmia Life Advancement Center, Costa Rica

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Krista Polinsky is one of the most gifted healers and oracles I have ever experienced. Working with her has been a catalyst in my personal growth and healing process. I recommend Krista to anyone who is looking to heal and awaken to your higher potential. Whatever area it is you are looking to change, Krista will help you to see the truth and heal to create a life you love.

Brandee Powell

Rythmia Life Advancement Center, Costa Rica

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Krista both as a receiver of her services as well as a colleague and can attest that she truly lives what she teaches. Krista is deeply compassionate but not afraid to push her clients to go deeper for true and lasting healing. Not only has Krista helped me tremendously in my spiritual journey but she has also shown me what it looks like to be the ultimate professional in a profession that is often misunderstood or considered non-conventional. I am also grateful to her for showing me it is possible to work my business without sacrificing my values or need for self-care.

Traci Crampton

Intuitive Advisor & Energy Practitioner, Hebron, CT

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I met Krista over ten years ago from a good friend who had experience Krista’s healing powers and referred her to me.  I remember that it took me about six months to make the appointment, but when I did, the healing was instantaneous.  Right away, Krista put me at ease and began developing trust, support, friendship and healing! 

I began to see Krista on a routine basis for her energy medicine.   Krista’s sessions were so powerful and life changing!  Our energy sessions tackled a variety of areas.  Sometimes, her energy cleared old pains or hurts from childhood that were affecting my current life.  On other occasions we worked on forgiveness, stress management, fear, and chronic pain that I was having.  During one period, we focused on my lower back pain. At that time, I had been seeing a chiropractor for many years.  Right away, my back felt better and I never again felt that chronic pain that had burdened me.  Krista also performed an energetic clearing on our house with her Feng Shui.  I wrote notes that day as her images and suggestions poured through.  We made the changes that she suggested and felt the increased energy in our home instantly! 

Most importantly, I began seeing Krista for fertility issues and so did my husband.  Around 2008 we were having a great deal of trouble getting pregnant.  We had gone to a fertility specialist who told us that we would NEVER get pregnant with both of our health issues and would require pretty invasive medical intervention.  I remember leaving the doctor office that day in New Haven thinking that it just did not feel right to undergo the intensive medicine route that he had prescribed.  Thank goodness that I had Krista in my life!  She kept telling me that my boy was coming and our healing sessions often revolved around making this a reality!  In 2010 our beautiful, amazing son was born 100% naturally!  Luckily, my husband and I both believed in her incredible healing and the gratitude that we feel for her is immense!  Krista would also give me powerful mantras to practice, books to borrow, vision boards to create or other homework that solidified the healing and new spiritual growth or even thinking patterns.  Although I never quite understood the how around her sessions, the healing was apparent instantly. 

Over the years I have referred many of my friends to her and I am extremely grateful that my good friend referred her to me so many years ago.  Krista is an amazing person, extremely talented and I am lucky enough to be able to also call her a friend!  If you your intention is increased awareness and healing and you are ready for action, please give my dear friend a call!  Krista will support you in your journey and assist you in every aspect of your goals and healing!

Jamie Dunk Beckman

Teacher, Higganum, CT

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I have just attended my first class on creating a vision board.  I can say without a doubt it was a great class for so many reasons.  Whether or not you have created a vision board before I recommend taking a class with Krista.  She will spark your enthusiasm to reach for and manifest your dreams. You are in for a treat. Krista gives you more than just your supplies.  She is truly authentic in her desire to prepare you for a wonderful and productive experience.  It is not a class, it is an experience.  She puts in motion the energetic sources to open your mind and heart to discover what you really desire. You may be surprised at how your vision board changes.  Manifestation is something we all believe in, but sometimes get stuck in the "how".  Don't hesitate to dive in for a rewarding and fun day. Honor yourself and your dreams. Namaste

Jean Naughton

Enfield, CT

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The workshop was amazing and very timely to activate my next steps! It brings me great joy to see my Vision Board! You are an awesome teacher and a gifted Intuitive!

Lisa Martina Head

New Haven, CT

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The first time Krista offered her vision board workshop, I couldn’t see how I could give up a full weekend day to take part. It sounded intriguing but was a no-go. But by the time she offered it again, I had shifted my thinking, made space in my schedule and knew I was ready for a ME day to explore what’s possible in my life. What a great decision! I needed time away to self-reflect in the company other women. And with Krista as our spiritual guide, source of inspiration and all around cheerleader for each of our visions, I couldn’t help but have an amazing experience. Thank you Krista for bringing your authentic self and creating a safe, intimate and fun space to dream, explore and grow.

Wendy Battles-Plasse

Woodbridge, CT

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Krista’s work is amazing. She cleared my house and there was such a big difference. After she was done the energy of my home felt so much lighter. And an issue I had been brooding over for months cleared up! With all of her knowledge and training, from Feng Shui, to Energy Medicine to Essential Oils, Krista was able to address so many of my concerns. If you feel stuck or want to expand your world, I can’t encourage you enough to call Krista.

Ronnie Ann Ryan

Love Coach and Painting with Spirit instructor, Milford, CT