Did You Choose Your Home or Did it Choose You?

According to ancient Feng Shui principles, your home is a representation of your body.  It has its own energetic footprint and vibration and is why I believe your house chooses you not the other way around.   To that point, many people have told me that they knew right away when they found their ideal [...]

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The Deeper Meaning of Your Clutter

Did you know your clutter has meaning?  This may be a new concept for you.  You may think all those belongings around you mean nothing, but on the contrary it’s packed with a lot of emotions, pain and many times unresolved trauma that gets held in the space as well as in your body.   [...]

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How Your Front Door Influences Your Success

How Your Front Door Influences Your Success by Krista Polinsky, CFSP, EMP Feng Shui & Energy Medicine Practitioner You may be wondering how your front door could possibly influence your success and potential cash flow.  Well, your front door in Feng Shui is very important as it represents the main mouth of chi (energy) into [...]

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