Space Clearing - Inviting New Beginnings!

Space Clearing for Home or Business

Whether you are moving to a new space or have been living and working in an existing space for some time, you may be exposed to the previous inhabitants’ energy. That can be held in the walls of the structure, as well as in the land it resides upon. This is especially true if there has been discord or difficulties. Old, stagnant or unwanted energy can slow progress and forward movement as well as impact moods of the current workers or inhabitants.

Tuning into and clearing the various energetic frequencies of a space can alleviate locked or depleted energy, minimize and reduce health challenges, and create a new level of awareness for you, your family or your employees. Lift spirits and open to new possibilities when your space is cleared and replenished with positive energy.

What my clients say

"After our session I felt very peaceful all day. As I was meditating later that day and the next, I felt more complete - as though a piece of a puzzle had been fitted - or maybe as though some energy/piece of soul had returned. Thank you Krista."

Maria Eberle

Nurse & Energy Practitioner Windsor, CT

"Thank you for your work on our building project. I have to tell you, the meeting between the various parties the night after you were there went very well. In fact, the owners, tenants and others (their lawyers) sat down at one table – the first time ever – and they negotiated their agreement. Thank you again!"

Karin Patriquin

Architect Patriquin Architects New Haven & Guilford, CT

"It was a joy and a privilege to work with Krista. She shed light on how to create balance and bring positive energy into my house. I liked Krista's down to earth way of explaining things to me. She gave me a lot of recommendations that were both creative and affordable. As a result, my house became more energetic, welcoming, peaceful and vibrant. Krista has an infectious enthusiasm and confidence about her work. She brings great wisdom, strong intuition and vast knowledge combined with genuine, caring and a passionate attitude about her work. I enjoyed working, exploring and implementing a lot of practical Feng Shui suggestions that Krista offered.”

Helena Strebejko

Therapist Amston, CT