Feng Shui practitioners are many times referred to as acupuncturists of the home. We assess where the chi (energy) of the home is stagnant and make adjustments to open up the flow and create a more healthy and balanced home.

In order to create more flow in your space you need to start by drawing more healthy chi into your home.  This process begins at the road and entry into your property. This is true for a home, condo or apartment and office building

Can you see where the front door of this home is? No, it’s completely blocked and so was their career.

When I go to a client’s home and I have difficulty finding it this is a big red flag. Right off the bat that tells me my client is unconsciously limiting their visibility and diminishing their energy. If I can’t find you neither can the chi so adjustments need to be made to draw the energy to you.

So how do you do this?

  1. Make sure your mailbox and your street number are visible from the road.
  2. There is ample exterior lighting and it’s in working order.
  3. Your driveway visible and easy to access.
  4. There a clear navigatible path to your front door.
  5. Is it clear which door to use to enter your home?

If there is confusion finding your home or where to go when you arrive it may manifest as confusion about your life and career. You may find it difficult to make decisions in general.

*This scenario also makes it more difficult to be seen and noticed and in general life requires more effort to get things going…

Once you arrive at your door, ask yourself:
Does your door open easily? or does it squeak or wine.
Is there anything blocking it from opening fully?
Is there ample space in the entry for energy to build and disperse throughout the home?

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Next let’s discuss the obvious “chi blocker” clutter…

What is “clutter” really about?

Contrary to what most people think about it, it’s not laziness. The clutter is a reflection of some deeper issue going on for the person or people living in the space. In my many years of working as a Feng Shui Practitioner there is always a buried trauma underneath the clutter.

So you can’t just Marie Condo the heck out of your house and think that is going to resolve your issues.

It’s not about putting your “stuff” in pretty containers and saying, “I’m all good now.”

On the contrary, some of the neatest homes I’ve been in have their clutter hidden in the subconscious. Meaning you open a drawer or closet and bam! It’s an explosion of disorder. These people stuff their emotions and issues deep inside as it’s not pretty to deal with. So on the outside it looks all nice, but in reality it’s a hot mess.

Truthfully, I have an easier time working with the people who’s clutter is seen because they are not in denial of their issues, they just don’t know how to shift it or heal.

In reality the clutter is a cry for help, but instead it ends up becoming a constant and painful way of punishing themselves resulting in deeper feelings of shame.

I tell my clients dealing with your clutter is a process and inviting me into your space to see it and witness your pain and struggle is the first step. I come in with no judgement and because of that loving presence together we can begin to let things go and create the space and a life you love and dream of.

With support and validation, healing and progress are made. It is then and only then that you can begin to dream of a bigger life. While you are still in the low vibration of shame you can’t have the life you really desire because deep down you don’t believe you deserve it. 

I am here to help you elevate your energy and remember the truth of who you are and let the past go, so you can attract more of what you want and not what you don’t want.

Once you capture the chi at your door and allow it to move freely throughout your home by releasing the clutter, then we need to look at several other pieces to raise the energy of your home and in turn your abundance.

Is your home in need of repairs?  

  • Water leaks represent money issues as well as emotional issues. Body parts affected are bladder & kidneys.
  • Electrical issues represent fire/passion and can affect the heart.
  • Disrepair in bathrooms & kitchens have a direct impact on your overall health.
  • Your stove represents your ability to create wealth so if it is broken you diminish your prosperity.

Are you blocking any windows and doors in your home? This is like blocking an opening in your own body, so this needs to be rectified immediately.

Do you sit facing a wall all day? If you do you limit your creativity and ability to have a bigger vision for yourself and your life.

Place yourself in Command Position. What’s the command position you ask? It’s furthest from the door, but in full view of it. Ideally, you want to place your sofa, desk and bed in this position. When you face the door you’re in a better position to capture opportunities as they come toward you.

When your back is to a door it represents missed opportunities and potential opportunities passing you by.

On the contrary, when you place yourself directly in front of the door it can be too much energy coming at you all the time. You may feel like you’re constantly dodging bullets.

When a manager or owner of a company sits in the front of the office instead of the back it tells me two things. One, they are too involved in the daily operations instead of working on the bigger picture and plans for the business. It also reflects a lack of trust that others are doing their job. If you don’t trust your employees then that needs to be addressed immediately.

Think of it this way. Does the General of the army position himself in the front? Would he have soldiers that were unreliable or unprepared protecting him and the fort? No he wouldn’t. Same as a quarterback wouldn’t have his linemen protecting him. He is calling the shots, he sees the big picture. He isn’t running every play himself, so neither should you.

So, take a birds eye view of your home or office. See is with fresh eyes. What is it saying to you?  Is it open and happy ready to receive life force energy and new opportunities? If not, what steps can you take from this article to get the flow moving and flowing in the direction you want to take your life?

Commit to taking one action listed above and see what opens up for you. Then tell me about it in the comments. I’d love to hear about it.

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