Our homes are mirrors for our lives. They are maps for helping us to identify issues that need to be addressed. A Feng Shui Practitioner is trained to determine what imbalances in the space may be influencing its inhabitants. As we know from Chinese Medicine, to maintain health, our chi (energy) needs to flow freely. Since the home is also seen as a symbol for the body, Feng Shui practitioners can be described as “acupuncturists” for the home.

One key indicator of imbalance is clutter. Before you organize into pretty boxes however, why not first uncover what it is trying to tell you? Check it out and you’ll find that most clutter sufferers complain of feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, while others lack focus and have difficulty identifying their goals. In general, new things never enter a cluttered space.

In using Feng Shui to deal with this issue, we utilize a map, called a bagua, which is divided into nine guas or areas, each representing an aspect of your life: career, knowledge, family, wealth, fame, relationships, children/creativity, and travel/helpful people. This map is figuratively placed over your home’s areas, allowing the locations of clutter to reveal much about your deeper issues. For example, if you are looking for romance and your clutter is piled to the ceiling in your relationship area, what do you think the likelihood will be of someone coming into your life when there is no room? Often such clutter reveals deeper issues connected to past experiences that need to be healed before a person can manifest desires.

One client had been frustrated in her job and wanted a change. When I arrived at her home I drove right by it, since the entire front of the house was screened by overgrown shrubs. I explained to her that her front door was in her “career” gua and shrubs were blocking the sightline to her and her abilities. I also noticed that her front door was not only difficult to open, but was blocked from opening fully, limiting the amount of chi allowed in. Inside, bookcases lined the hallway, again limiting chi flow. In her bedroom more books lined shelves around the room. In general, lots of books in a bedroom are not a good idea because they represent activity and bedrooms are for resting. It was only when I asked why she needed all the books that she realized they made her feel intelligent. And since she didn’t really believe she was intelligent, she blocked the front of her house so as not to be seen. Now ready to face her fear, that very afternoon she cut down the shrubs in front, removed the books from behind the door and the bedroom, and gave them away. A month later she had a new job.

Another client requested help with her passionless marriage. I went to their home to see what was going on that might be impacting their relationship, and the first thing I noticed was that part of the relationship area was missing from their home. She explained that they had added a spa room to the house. I recommended planting a rose bush outside to square off the house and adjust for the missing area, thereby activating the relationship area. She loved the idea, explaining that her husband would bring her pink roses when they were first married. She felt that her new pink rose bush would be a good reminder to the couple to rekindle the romance they knew then.

Inside this couple’s master bedroom there were stuffed animals on the bed and on shelves in the relationship corner. When I told her that they served to keep her stuck in her childhood, she revealed that she spent a good deal of her childhood, after her mother died, futilely seeking her stepmother’s love and approval. I explained that the relationship area also represents the energy of the mother and that the pain of losing her Mom and not feeling loved by her replacement kept her from believing she is lovable. I suggested she remove the stuffed animals, only keeping the special few that her husband gave her, the ones that carried happy memories. When I spoke with this client two months later, she said their marriage was much better and that they had begun dating weekly, which they had not done in years. She also began receiving energy healing to support her in letting go of childhood issues.

In both cases, the clutter was there in an attempt to fulfill missing elements in these clients’ lives. If I had just gone in and cleared it all away without helping them to identify the issues holding them back, they would invariably recreate the clutter. So, rather than beating yourself up for creating clutter and judging it as bad or negative, make it your ally, using it to uncover the deeper issues that are keeping you stuck.

Then create a plan to de-clutter with a clear intention and new focus on what you want to create in your life.

Krista received her certification in Feng Shui from The Feng Shui Alliance School. She is also a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. The name of her company is Soul Intent and is located at 410 State Street in North Haven, CT. For more information on upcoming classes Krista is teaching or to schedule a Feng Shui consultation or Energy Healing session call 203.671.4301 or email: soul_intent@comcast.net.

Printed in Natural Awakenings Magazine, April 2007