In the simplest of explanations, to dowse is to search for what is otherwise hidden from view. It is believed that we have been using forms of dowsing for thousands of years as a way to communicate with the Divine perhaps that is why dowsing rods are also referred to as divining rods. Documented evidence of dowsing as a means to locate minerals and water date back to Germany during the 15th century. Dowsers would use a forked tree branch as a way to find the water or minerals they were searching for within the earth. Other tools used for dowsing are L-rods and pendulums (any weighted object on a string).

We can use dowsing as a way of obtaining information within a space or about a person by asking a series of yes and no questions. Although no thorough scientific explanations for dowsing has yet been found it is frequently acknowledged that there is a correlation between the dowsing reaction and changes in magnetic flux when dowsing on site or person. Others believe it is a way of connecting with the subconscious mind.

There are many theories on where the subconscious retrieves the information from, to elicit the correct responses to the dowser’s questions. One theory is that the subconscious is merely a collective library of everything that you have known in this life, past lives, and others’ lives. The answers come from that database. The accuracy of the information obtained is a result of our ability to remain “neutral” or “unattached” to the answer obtained. The L-rod or pendulum is really just a tool for us to use to develop our intuition and own inner knowing as to what is true or truth.

There are many benefits of dowsing, it can be used to find lost objects, and is a known fact that our military has used dowsing to locate mines and lost equipment during the Vietnam War. Some utility companies have trained personnel to dowse to locate underground wires, pipes and wells to reduce costs of locating these through expensive drilling or excavation. Some people use dowsing as a way to obtain answers to all types of questions ranging from what vitamins to take, what foods to eat or as a means of honing in on issues pertaining to their health.

The most important piece to effective dowsing is asking the right questions and this only comes with practice and experience. Since the pendulum or rod can only indicate a yes or no response the more specific the question the greater accuracy you will achieve. As I mentioned above, our accuracy is also directly connected to our ability to remain neutral or “just be,” which is not easy for most of us to do. We want to fix, correct or make something better, as if we know what better is…

The most significant benefit of dowsing for me is to take that which you deny about yourself and bring it into the light. For when you shed light on that which you are hiding it, you have a conscious choice to continue to give it power over you or not. Once you become aware of something it is difficult for us to pretend we don’t know it. For example, if you are not aware that you have a belief that “people are not there for you when you need them” then you can not change your experiences that come from believing this thought. As we dowse for another around this and others self-limiting beliefs, we can create a place of unconditional love and compassion for them to release their connection to this information and release the “charge” around it. Our ability to “clear” another’s field is directly related to the degree in which we have cleared our own, hence the more you clear others the more you clear yourself. It’s a win, win!!

In essence, dowsing is a tool for helping us to expand our awareness of what exists beyond the naked eye and a means to uncover that with which keeps us from expressing who you truly are, a divine being with unlimited potential to express and manifest your own unique God given gifts to the world.