Whenever I have multiple clients struggling with the same issue I know that others would benefit from the wisdom that can come from sharing other people’s stories. So here is my attempt to help you see a pattern in yourself through the example of someone else’s life journey.

My client is female and in her 30’s. She has been struggling with multiple health issues for several years now. She found me on the internet after searching for someone who did Energy Healing because her doctors weren’t listening to her. She felt unheard by the medical community, crazy, lost and unable to heal.

When we first spoke on our 30 minute free call, I told her what I told all my clients. In order for healing to occur people need three things: to be seen, heard, and validated. When I said that, she felt something come alive in her! Then she said she never feels like people hear her. This was a huge ah-ha moment for her.

She recalled several examples of doctors not listening when she was talking and how it made her feel. It was deeply healing for her to have this awareness and have me validate how important it is to her to be heard.

A couple weeks later I went to her home to do a space clearing. She had not been feeling well prior to moving into this home, but everything got much worse once they fully moved in. She was convinced there was something wrong or some “bad energy” there that she was picking up on making her feel horrible.

When I arrived I felt like I was in the movie, “The Truman Show” where everything was contrived. It felt very staged and unreal. The development they lived in felt fabricated and cookie cutter. Rows and rows of the same style homes so close together. When I walked the land it felt like it wasnt original to the area, that it was brought in from somewhere else. There was a disconnect.

I also picked up areas of “geopathic stress.” This just refers to stress that is happening in the ground. Some people can be more sensitive to different types of geopathic stress than others. Clearly my client is a very sensitive soul and was influenced by the energies in and around her home.

Geopathic stress can be managed, but typically not removed. When I try to explain my clearing work, I tell people it’s not about a particular energy being good or bad, rather it is your relationship to the information. It’s the way you process information and certain frequencies.

The more frequencies you can process the less other energies, emotions and people can influence and effect you. When you clear your relationship to a particular energy, you’re sitting with the discomfort of the energies so can integrate them into your field and release the “charge” associated with the information.

Once I entered the client’s home I was met by “clutter.” This was no surprise because geopathic stress can attract clutter. There were pockets of clutter, on the floor in the entry, on the dining room table, kitchen island, and kitchen floor. I told her not to clean up before I came there, I needed to see what was going on and for her to not be ashamed of anything and explained I would not judge her. This was freeing for her to know.

When I see clutter like this, it is not laziness, it is stress! So, if this applies to you too, please don’t beat yourself up. That only creates more shame which adds to the stress already in the space.

“The space is a reflection of the people living in the space. When you work with one you affect the other and vice versa.”

I did some clearing and identified areas of geopathic stress. Interestingly enough she was sleeping on top of it. No wonder she couldn’t sleep and struggled to ever feel rested after getting the little sleep she did get.

When I went upstairs that was the eye opener. All of her clothes were in piles on the floor. Nothing was in the closets. This is someone screaming for help! All her “sh*t” is out for all to see but no one is asking the right questions to get to the bottom of it. People doing this need help not criticism or judgement.

Sometimes you ask yourself, was the land stressed and then the people became stressed or were the people stressed and then the land became stressed? It’s the chicken and the egg question. Then ask yourself, does it really matter? Just release the stress…

As I sat with my client and her husband and the story began to unravel. As a child, her parents would yell and scream at each other in front of her. It made her feel afraid, scared and alone. She would ask them to stop but they didn’t listen or hear her and just kept at their unhealthy communication style. She learned at a very young age that no one heard her, listened to her or validated her feelings.

This led to a very BIG breakthrough for her and them as a couple. She told her husband she never liked this house and never wanted to move there. Wow! She said she was afraid to tell him because he really wanted the house and didn’t think he would listen to her anyway. She took what happened in her childhood and applied it to her husband.

Whether it was true or not, she never gave herself permission to express herself and her feelings, expecting she would not be heard or taken into consideration. This was a shock to her husband and he felt sad and then upset she didn’t tell him or feel comfortable telling him how she felt.

It was a breakthrough moment for each of them and an opportunity to do things differently moving forward. All the stress that had built up in the space and between them was given an outlet to disperse.

Sometimes when this happens things get a little messy and uncomfortable. It’s OK, this is part of the process. It’s like a lid on a boiling pot, once the lid comes off sometimes the water spills onto the stove. It’s freed up and can finally explode! Once the charge is dissipated, then a new normal is created and healing happens.

So, what came first here? Were my clients stressed and the space became stressed or was the space stressed and the client became stressed. Well, a little of both. You’re drawn to the spaces that teach you and vibrate at a frequency that resonates with you. As you change and grow, so must the space. And perhaps eventually, you outgrow it all together and just move on to the next space that will allow you to grow in new ways.

  • Ask yourself, do you choose to be silent when you are afraid to speak your truth?
  • Do you choose self-sacrifice rather than ask for what you want?
  • Do you believe no one wants to hear what you have to say?

Perhaps you are also playing out an old story, one that no longer serves you? Are you ready to let that story go? Only you know the answer to that question. Remember, what you don’t own owns you. Do the necessary inner work and your outer world will change. It has to.