Every spring I talk about, CLUTTER. Most people relate it to their possessions, their objects and belongings, as most of us have some area of our home that collects clutter. Fortunately for me clutter of possessions has never been a major problem. Every spring and fall I would clear out my clothes closet and bring donations to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Being a Virgo, I always had the desire to be organized, especially with my clothes. In addition, having moved fifteen times between the ages of 3 to 27 kept me from hanging on to anything unnecessary for too long either. I remember being proud of the fact I could fit most of my belongings into my Honda Accord hatchback.

Well that is all fine and good but there is another kind of clutter, clutter of the mind, the thoughts, and the beliefs. That is the clutter I am talking about today. I have spent a good amount of the past 10 years examining my thoughts and beliefs and where they came from. Some I have let go of, some have lessened quite a bit and some are hanging on for dear life. I have learned to laugh at myself much more than ever, thank God, but yet those old thoughts want to keep me down, keep me hiding, keep me afraid. Can you relate? Perhaps you can. So I keep noticing these thoughts that I have identified with my whole life and I say, this is not my thought, only one I find familiar but it is not mine, I breathe into it and let go of my attachment to it to the best of my ability. Sometimes, though I forget the belief is not mine and I freeze, stop breathing and feel stuck. Can you relate to feeling stuck too?

The more I do the work that I do, I realize nothing is ours, possessions or otherwise. We are just having experiences of our unconscious mind, until we WAKE UP or AWAKEN and realize who we are. Are you awake? What are you doing to become CONSCIOUS? What are you doing to support your own awakening and the awakening of others?

Some signs that you are asleep:
1. You take everything personal
2. You come from the place of I should or shouldn’t.
3. You feel guilty most of the time.
4. You are overly defensive of your actions or non-actions.

Four principals to live by:
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t make assumptions.
3. Don’t take things personal.
4. Always do your best.
(Taken from the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz)

Implement one agreement at a time and see how you do. When you get triggered remember to pause, take a deep breath and smile. We can only change one thing; our self, when we realize that life is much more effortless.