When people hear the words, Feng Shui, they typically think about their home and where to place their furniture and belongings. Well, it’s true, Feng Shui is about the arrangement and flow of energy within your home and office environments, but it encompasses much more than that, it effects our everyday lives on many levels.

In essence, Feng Shui is about living with awareness and intention and a deep inner knowing that each of us is creating our own reality every day. This way of thinking and being is reflected in how we relate and express ourselves in the world, including what clothing we choose to wear. How we dress can and does influence how others see us as well as how we see our self.

In Feng Shui we use the five elements when deciding what color to paint a wall or what fabric to upholster a chair, and when deciding what accessories to use that will help balance a room. We make these same decisions every morning when we decide what we are going to wear that day. Some mornings I wake up knowing that I want or need to wear a particular color today. Perhaps you’ve had the same experience? What if in the future you could make these choices with more awareness supporting them, thereby enhancing your energy in ways you never thought of before using Feng Shui?

Applying the principals of the Five Elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal, can help you to cultivate and/or enhance a characteristic or attribute you like about yourself or diminish one your not so fond of. For example, maybe you’re a person who is fun loving and have a great sense of humor, but your clothes convey a different more conservative message. Adding the element of fire to your personal style can show people you are someone who enjoys life and is fun to be around.

Conversely, the element of wood can be used to overcome a personality trait such as, shyness or insecurity that keeps you from pursuing a new career or relationship. On the other hand maybe you are feeling anxious and fearful, then some earth maybe just the thing you need to ground you and give you more stability.

Below are some examples of how you can incorporate dressing with the 5 elements for everyday life situations:
• The Interview: To increase your confidence and assertiveness wear the color green, vertical stripes and wooden high-heal shoes to enhance the element of wood.
• The Management Meeting: To enhance your leadership and organization skills wear the colors white or gray, polka dots, prominent metal pin or round watch to increase the element of metal.
• The PR Event: To boost your visibility and self-expression wear the colors red or purple, star shapes or zigzag stripes, silk blouse or fur trimmed jacket to bring in the element of fire.
• The Disciplinary Review: To create feelings of caring, consideration and supporting times of stress and confrontation wear the colors yellow or brown, strong horizontal lines, cotton and chenille fabrics to enhance the element of earth.
• The Brainstorm Session: Adding the element of water will help you to tap into your creative side and let go of structure and increase your ability to think outside the box. Wearing the colors black, blue, and cream, loose fitting clothes that lack structure, sheer, lace and velvet fabrics all support the element of water.

There are many ways for you to use the five elements in your wardrobe allowing you to create a unique style that enhances your individual personality and style. When you choose items with intention for what you wish to enhance or diminish about your character you are actively creating the life you want. Tomorrow when you are standing in front of your closet consciously ask yourself what do I want to wear today that is going to help me feel and act the way to chose to be in the world.