How Your Front Door Influences Your Success

by Krista Polinsky, CFSP, EMP

Feng Shui & Energy Medicine Practitioner

You may be wondering how your front door could possibly influence your success and potential cash flow.  Well, your front door in Feng Shui is very important as it represents the main mouth of chi (energy) into your home.  It’s the place where the energy coming into your home is captured.  How easy it is to find, access and move through your home will have a great impact on what you are able to create and manifest in your life.

What I find interesting is how many people never use their front door.  In New England, where I live many people have multiple doors into their home and almost never enter their home through the front door. Frequently, people use the garage as their main door and depending on the condition of that area it can have a significant effect on one’s success or lack their of.

Many times over the years when I have been asked to come and do a consultation for someone’s home or for a business I have had difficultly finding their home.  Right away, that is a big clue as to what is going on for the client.  In some cases, the door is hidden by overgrown trees and bushes or there are no numbers on the house. Other times, I can’t find the mailbox, or the driveway.  You get the picture.  When that is the case I tell my client, if I have difficulty finding you and your home so will the chi, so this needs to be addressed first.

Some ways this issue may be showing up in your life is you have difficulty being noticed whether at work or in your social life.  Being passed over for promotions or awards or never being asked out on a date, to name a few. Just by making a few changes to the outside of your home can have a major impact on your life.

Sometimes I will find the house, but then will be confused which door to use.  Maybe you have experienced this too going to someone’s home or business?  Confusion at the door will create confusion for the occupants living in the home.

Although, it’s obvious to you which door to enter it may not be obvious to others. Go outside your home and ask yourself if you were coming to your home for the first time would you know which door to enter? If your answer is no or not sure then adjustments need to be made to remedy this problem.

Here are some practical steps you can take to improve the energy coming into your home or placeof business.

1. Attract Attention

First, be sure you can easily find your home by making your mailbox visible, has your house number on it and/or name.  Reflectors or lighting for night time is helpful too.  Plant some bright flowers at the mailbox to bring attention and attract the chi toward you and your home. 

2. Create a Clear Path

Make sure there is an ample path to get from your driveway to your main door. I can’t tell you how many homes I have been to that don’t have a path to the door! This makes it very

difficult and confusing for the energy to flow to you, is not welcoming to visitors and directly impacts your abundance and success.  If there is a path, assess if it’s a clear path to the door? If you answered no to this question, then this needs to be addressed asap.

3. Clear Out the Clutter

Next, examine the area around the front door area or whichever door you want visitors to use. What is the condition of the area?  Is it clean and well kept? If it’s cluttered, then declutter it immediately to raise the vibration of this area. Remove unnecessary items to create flow and welcoming feeling as you and visitors approach your home.

4. Direct the Chi

Emphasize the door so it stands out more than another door.  You can do this by having a welcome sign or other type of sign, potted or planted flowers by the door, chimes, wreath, welcome mat, and by painting the door a different color. Just by doing a couple of these changes you will see a difference in what shows up for you in your life.

5. Check Mechanicals

Then assess the condition of your front/entry door.  Does the door handle operate easily? Is the door itself in good condition?  Does your doorbell work? Does the door open without restriction, meaning are there objects in the way that limit the door from opening fully? If yes, move what you can as these obstructions limit the amount of chi you can capture at your door, thus diminishing your ability to create abundance and flow.

Make any necessary repairs in entry as things that are broken and not well maintained represent things broken and not working in your own life. Be mindful that your house is a mirror for what is happening in your life.

6. Make a Statement

Next address the area inside your front or entry door area. The foyer or entry space inside the door represents the “ming tang” or “bright palace” in Feng Shui and is the main mouth of chi to your home.  This area provides a statement about the quality of life to be found inside, and offers an energetic pathway for opportunity to find its way in.  It’s the place where energy collects and builds to then meanders throughout the rest of the home.

This is the beginning of how the quality of energy will influence you and your home.  How you feel in this space directly affects your energy.  Stand in your entryway and honestly ask yourself what does this area say about me and my life?  Do I feel uplifted or do I feel brought down by this space? If you feel negatively impacted begin to take the steps to raise the vibration of your home. Start by placing objects you love in this area, as love is the highest vibration and seeing it upon your arrival home will lift your spirits.

After you make changes to this area, notice what begins to show up and happen in your life.  You may want to keep a journal of your changes so you can keep track of the progression and how your life is impacted. You will be amazed at how just a few small intentional changes can positively impact your life.


Krista Polinsky has with hundreds of clients in the metaphysical field for over 15 years.  She creates positive shifts in both their personal and professional lives and believes in everyone’s innate potential to live a life filled with blessings of their heart’s desires.  Anything is possible if you believe it to be.  Most importantly, she see’s your authentic self and your highest potential supporting you in being all that you already are.

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