by Krista Polinsky of Soul Intent

As many of us are now confined to working from home due to the coronavirus and mandated social distancing, I wanted to share three Feng Shui tips to consider when deciding the best place in your home to set up your office.  These suggestions will help you to be more focused and productive while you may have to work with a less than ideal setup.

Keep in mind an important aspect of Feng Shui is to calm our central nervous system so we can operate from a clear and balance state.  Operating from a calm state allows us to make clear decisions and be more productive resulting in greater success.

First and foremost, do not put your desk in your bedroom.   When you create this arrangement you mix opposing energies, yin and yang.  Your desk represents doing and taking action and your bed represents being, resting and restoring.  When you bring work related activity into this space you make it more difficult to separate these two opposite energies.  Placing your desk in your bedroom will directly affect the quality of your sleep and will cause you to never stop thinking about work.  Ultimately, your mind will never rest and therefore, neither will your body.  This will not allow you to work at your highest potential.

With all the unknowns happening in the world right now our minds are constantly working overtime as it is.  You add to this stress by putting your desk in your bedroom and overload an already maxed out system.  So give your mind the well deserved rest is needs and keep your bedroom clear of your desk and any work related items and electronics.

Positioning and esthetics are also key components to applying Feng Shui to our space and instrumental in setting yourself up for success.  When considering the position of your desk, if at all possible do not have your back to the door.  In Feng Shui, this represents missed opportunities.  It also doesn’t allow your nervous system to relax as you are constantly wondering what is going on behind you and if someone is going to sneak up on you while your working.  This also results in decreased productivity and heightened levels of anxiety and stress.

The last suggestion is to not face a wall when sitting at your desk.  Facing into a wall blocks your creativity and ability to visualize new ideas and create your future.  This is not something we ever want to do, but especially right now during this current world crisis we are all being asked to get creative in how we do our work and run our business. 

If you have no other option place a picture that has some depth to it in front of you.  An image that creates a feeling that you can walk into it.   

The ideal placement for your desk is to be furthest from the door, but in full view of it with a solid wall behind you.  This is called, command position in Feng Shui.  When your in command you feel more relaxed and in charge and can capitalize on opportunities coming your way.

I hope you find these tips helpful in creating a more productive and supportive space to work and live in temporarily.  If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!  You can email me at

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