According to ancient Feng Shui principles, your home is a representation of your body.  It has its own energetic footprint and vibration and is why I believe your house chooses you not the other way around.


To that point, many people have told me that they knew right away when they found their ideal home. That is because there is an energetic resonance between you and the home. Your frequencies align and that is what draws you to the home. There’s an inner knowing that this is the one when you step foot in the door. Perhaps you yourself had the same experience?


Since your home is a living breathing entity, doors and windows play an important role in your home as they represent openings for chi (energy) to enter and circulate throughout the space. An opening in your home is the same as an opening in your body so we never want to intentionally block off a window or door in your house. This would be the same as blocking your ears, nose, or mouth. It doesn’t feel good when any of those body parts are congested or completely blocked, same is true for your space.


Many times I have seen people intentionally close off a door or window with a piece of furniture.  This happens very often in older homes because they can lack adequate wall space.  However this diminished chi flow in a space and can ultimately affect the health of the home and the people living in the home.  So if you have this situation in your space please rectify it immediately by moving the object in front of the opening.


Did you know that in Feng Shui the windows represent the child’s voice and the doors represent the adult’s voice?  Your front door actually represents your heart.  Your heart represents your inner doorway just as your front door represents your outer/physical doorway.


As you would ask the same questions of your front door so should you of your heart door.

  • How easy is it to get in?
  • Do you use it a lot?
  • Is it in good condition? (Is it well cared for?)
  • Does it open wide without things hidden behind it?
  • Does it squeak and complain when opened?
  • Can people find it easily or is it a hidden entry?
  • Do you access your emotions (space) through another entrance?
  • Do people like coming to visit?

All great questions to ask yourself and contemplate as your answers are very telling to what your heart is saying to you.

Similar questions can be asked of your windows as well.  

  • Do you open them?
  • Do they open and operate easily?
  • Are they clean and in good condition?
  • Do you lack adequate windows or have too many?
  • Does it open wide without things blocking you from accessing it?
  • Does it squeak and complain when opened?

When our windows are dirty it blocks our vision and doesn’t allow us to see with clarity.  So if you lack vision or clarity, clean your windows.

In Summary:

  • Your home is a living and breathing entity with its own heartbeat.  
  • Your home chooses you because its energetic footprint has something to teach you.  
  • The energetic frequency of the home matches yours and vice versa. 
  • Your front door represents your heart.
  • Never block a window or door as it is similar to blocking an opening in your body. 
  • Make sure all the windows and doors in your space open and operate with ease.  
  • Make sure your front door is clean and in good condition.