Spring is here and with it brings the energy of “New Beginnings” and opportunity for change and renewal. In order to capture this potent and potential energy we need to release the old, both in objects and ideas that are no longer serving us and what we visualize for ourselves and our life.

The energy of spring is about taking action “Doing”, so below are 5 action steps to add to your spring cleaning routine that will allow you to create space for this vibrant energy of spring to create powerful change in your life.

Remove items from your space that represent previous romantic relationships. Keeping old pictures, love letters, cards, emails and jewelry from former relationships keeps your energies connected, not allowing you to let go and move on to a healthy new one. If you are in a relationship now, it keeps you from committing to him or her fully. If you are looking for a new relationship, place an item representing an interest you would like your future suitor to have, example a pair of hiking shoes. If you are in a relationship already, buy new sheets, symbolizing starting fresh with a new foundation.

Look around your space, do you have recent photos of your family and children or are they from years past? Are your children in their 30’s and you still have their baby pictures on display? If so, it can keep your relationship with them suck in the past. It is important to honor who they are today so you can connect as adults. This goes for pictures of yourself and of you and your spouse too! Also check to be sure the frames are in good condition. Broken frames or cracked glass can reflect difficulties relating to the person(s) in that frame.

Many of us keep objects that someone gave us that we do not like or have a use for. We keep these items out of guilt or fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. In turn, these objects lower the vibrancy of our homes and more importantly project an image or belief that others feelings are more important than our own. As a result we give our power away to the other person, negating our own feelings, as well as our own needs and desires. Eliminate all items from your space that you do not LOVE, find useful or believe to beautiful and lift the energy of your entire space at the same time taking your power back! Donate the unwanted items, releasing them with love and gratitude and a renewed hope that they will serve their new owner in whatever way the desire.

Clean out your bathroom of expired medications and all old health and beauty aids. The medicine cabinet is linked to the health of the family and should be full of only current medicines and beauty products. Old and expired medicines encourage an atmosphere of ill health and decrease our vibrancy. Lift your energy by wiping out the cabinets and drawers and putting new fresh drawer liners and organizers. Apply this same concept to your pantry and spice drawer too, as old and stale spices decrease our zest for life!

If you lack direction, feel depressed or anxious about life and what the future brings it is essential that you clean your mirrors and windows. Windows and mirrors represent our ability to see things clearly as well as create a vision for yourself. Remove any damaged or distorted mirrors in your space, as they are symbolic of having a distorted vision of life. When cleaning your windows and mirrors ask for clarity around whatever it is that you are wanting insight about. Ex. Relationship, work, career path, etc. Be sure to pay attention to the subtle hints that come your way.