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What is Your Clutter Trying to Tell You?

Our homes are mirrors for our lives. They are maps for helping us to identify issues that need to be addressed. A Feng Shui Practitioner is trained to determine what imbalances in the space may be influencing its inhabitants. As we know from Chinese Medicine, to maintain health, our chi (energy) needs to flow freely. Since the home is also seen as a symbol for the body, Feng Shui practitioners can be described as “acupuncturists” for the home.

One key indicator of imbalance is clutter. Before you organize into pretty boxes however, why not first uncover what it is trying to tell you? Check it out and you’ll find that most clutter sufferers complain of feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, while others lack focus and have difficulty identifying their goals. In general, new things never enter a cluttered space.

In using Feng Shui to deal with this issue, we utilize a map, called a bagua, which is divided into nine guas or areas, each representing an aspect of your life: career, knowledge, family, wealth, fame, relationships, children/creativity, and travel/helpful people. This map is figuratively placed over your home’s areas, allowing the locations of clutter to reveal much about your deeper issues. For example, if you are looking for romance and your clutter is piled to the ceiling in your relationship area, what do you think the likelihood will be of someone coming into your life when there is no room? Often such clutter reveals deeper issues connected to past experiences that need to be healed before a person can manifest desires.

One client had been frustrated in her job and wanted a change. When I arrived at her home I drove right by it, since the entire front of the house was screened by overgrown shrubs. I explained to her that her front door was in her “career” gua and shrubs were blocking the sightline to her and her abilities. I also noticed that her front door was not only difficult to open, but was blocked from opening fully, limiting the amount of chi allowed in. Inside, bookcases lined the hallway, again limiting chi flow. In her bedroom more books lined shelves around the room. In general, lots of books in a bedroom are not a good idea because they represent activity and bedrooms are for resting. It was only when I asked why she needed all the books that she realized they made her feel intelligent. And since she didn’t really believe she was intelligent, she blocked the front of her house so as not to be seen. Now ready to face her fear, that very afternoon she cut down the shrubs in front, removed the books from behind the door and the bedroom, and gave them away. A month later she had a new job.

Another client requested help with her passionless marriage. I went to their home to see what was going on that might be impacting their relationship, and the first thing I noticed was that part of the relationship area was missing from their home. She explained that they had added a spa room to the house. I recommended planting a rose bush outside to square off the house and adjust for the missing area, thereby activating the relationship area. She loved the idea, explaining that her husband would bring her pink roses when they were first married. She felt that her new pink rose bush would be a good reminder to the couple to rekindle the romance they knew then.

Inside this couple’s master bedroom there were stuffed animals on the bed and on shelves in the relationship corner. When I told her that they served to keep her stuck in her childhood, she revealed that she spent a good deal of her childhood, after her mother died, futilely seeking her stepmother’s love and approval. I explained that the relationship area also represents the energy of the mother and that the pain of losing her Mom and not feeling loved by her replacement kept her from believing she is lovable. I suggested she remove the stuffed animals, only keeping the special few that her husband gave her, the ones that carried happy memories. When I spoke with this client two months later, she said their marriage was much better and that they had begun dating weekly, which they had not done in years. She also began receiving energy healing to support her in letting go of childhood issues.

In both cases, the clutter was there in an attempt to fulfill missing elements in these clients’ lives. If I had just gone in and cleared it all away without helping them to identify the issues holding them back, they would invariably recreate the clutter. So, rather than beating yourself up for creating clutter and judging it as bad or negative, make it your ally, using it to uncover the deeper issues that are keeping you stuck.

Then create a plan to de-clutter with a clear intention and new focus on what you want to create in your life.

Krista received her certification in Feng Shui from The Feng Shui Alliance School. She is also a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. The name of her company is Soul Intent and is located at 410 State Street in North Haven, CT. For more information on upcoming classes Krista is teaching or to schedule a Feng Shui consultation or Energy Healing session call 203.671.4301 or email:

Printed in Natural Awakenings Magazine, April 2007

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What is Dowsing and How Can I Benefit from Learning it?

In the simplest of explanations, to dowse is to search for what is otherwise hidden from view. It is believed that we have been using forms of dowsing for thousands of years as a way to communicate with the Divine perhaps that is why dowsing rods are also referred to as divining rods. Documented evidence of dowsing as a means to locate minerals and water date back to Germany during the 15th century. Dowsers would use a forked tree branch as a way to find the water or minerals they were searching for within the earth. Other tools used for dowsing are L-rods and pendulums (any weighted object on a string).

We can use dowsing as a way of obtaining information within a space or about a person by asking a series of yes and no questions. Although no thorough scientific explanations for dowsing has yet been found it is frequently acknowledged that there is a correlation between the dowsing reaction and changes in magnetic flux when dowsing on site or person. Others believe it is a way of connecting with the subconscious mind.

There are many theories on where the subconscious retrieves the information from, to elicit the correct responses to the dowser’s questions. One theory is that the subconscious is merely a collective library of everything that you have known in this life, past lives, and others’ lives. The answers come from that database. The accuracy of the information obtained is a result of our ability to remain “neutral” or “unattached” to the answer obtained. The L-rod or pendulum is really just a tool for us to use to develop our intuition and own inner knowing as to what is true or truth.

There are many benefits of dowsing, it can be used to find lost objects, and is a known fact that our military has used dowsing to locate mines and lost equipment during the Vietnam War. Some utility companies have trained personnel to dowse to locate underground wires, pipes and wells to reduce costs of locating these through expensive drilling or excavation. Some people use dowsing as a way to obtain answers to all types of questions ranging from what vitamins to take, what foods to eat or as a means of honing in on issues pertaining to their health.

The most important piece to effective dowsing is asking the right questions and this only comes with practice and experience. Since the pendulum or rod can only indicate a yes or no response the more specific the question the greater accuracy you will achieve. As I mentioned above, our accuracy is also directly connected to our ability to remain neutral or “just be,” which is not easy for most of us to do. We want to fix, correct or make something better, as if we know what better is…

The most significant benefit of dowsing for me is to take that which you deny about yourself and bring it into the light. For when you shed light on that which you are hiding it, you have a conscious choice to continue to give it power over you or not. Once you become aware of something it is difficult for us to pretend we don’t know it. For example, if you are not aware that you have a belief that “people are not there for you when you need them” then you can not change your experiences that come from believing this thought. As we dowse for another around this and others self-limiting beliefs, we can create a place of unconditional love and compassion for them to release their connection to this information and release the “charge” around it. Our ability to “clear” another’s field is directly related to the degree in which we have cleared our own, hence the more you clear others the more you clear yourself. It’s a win, win!!

In essence, dowsing is a tool for helping us to expand our awareness of what exists beyond the naked eye and a means to uncover that with which keeps us from expressing who you truly are, a divine being with unlimited potential to express and manifest your own unique God given gifts to the world.

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5 Essential Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here and with it brings the energy of “New Beginnings” and opportunity for change and renewal. In order to capture this potent and potential energy we need to release the old, both in objects and ideas that are no longer serving us and what we visualize for ourselves and our life.

The energy of spring is about taking action “Doing”, so below are 5 action steps to add to your spring cleaning routine that will allow you to create space for this vibrant energy of spring to create powerful change in your life.

Remove items from your space that represent previous romantic relationships. Keeping old pictures, love letters, cards, emails and jewelry from former relationships keeps your energies connected, not allowing you to let go and move on to a healthy new one. If you are in a relationship now, it keeps you from committing to him or her fully. If you are looking for a new relationship, place an item representing an interest you would like your future suitor to have, example a pair of hiking shoes. If you are in a relationship already, buy new sheets, symbolizing starting fresh with a new foundation.

Look around your space, do you have recent photos of your family and children or are they from years past? Are your children in their 30’s and you still have their baby pictures on display? If so, it can keep your relationship with them suck in the past. It is important to honor who they are today so you can connect as adults. This goes for pictures of yourself and of you and your spouse too! Also check to be sure the frames are in good condition. Broken frames or cracked glass can reflect difficulties relating to the person(s) in that frame.

Many of us keep objects that someone gave us that we do not like or have a use for. We keep these items out of guilt or fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. In turn, these objects lower the vibrancy of our homes and more importantly project an image or belief that others feelings are more important than our own. As a result we give our power away to the other person, negating our own feelings, as well as our own needs and desires. Eliminate all items from your space that you do not LOVE, find useful or believe to beautiful and lift the energy of your entire space at the same time taking your power back! Donate the unwanted items, releasing them with love and gratitude and a renewed hope that they will serve their new owner in whatever way the desire.

Clean out your bathroom of expired medications and all old health and beauty aids. The medicine cabinet is linked to the health of the family and should be full of only current medicines and beauty products. Old and expired medicines encourage an atmosphere of ill health and decrease our vibrancy. Lift your energy by wiping out the cabinets and drawers and putting new fresh drawer liners and organizers. Apply this same concept to your pantry and spice drawer too, as old and stale spices decrease our zest for life!

If you lack direction, feel depressed or anxious about life and what the future brings it is essential that you clean your mirrors and windows. Windows and mirrors represent our ability to see things clearly as well as create a vision for yourself. Remove any damaged or distorted mirrors in your space, as they are symbolic of having a distorted vision of life. When cleaning your windows and mirrors ask for clarity around whatever it is that you are wanting insight about. Ex. Relationship, work, career path, etc. Be sure to pay attention to the subtle hints that come your way.

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If Your Clothes Could Talk, What Would They Say About You? by Krista Polinsky

When people hear the words, Feng Shui, they typically think about their home and where to place their furniture and belongings. Well, it’s true, Feng Shui is about the arrangement and flow of energy within your home and office environments, but it encompasses much more than that, it effects our everyday lives on many levels.

In essence, Feng Shui is about living with awareness and intention and a deep inner knowing that each of us is creating our own reality every day. This way of thinking and being is reflected in how we relate and express ourselves in the world, including what clothing we choose to wear. How we dress can and does influence how others see us as well as how we see our self.

In Feng Shui we use the five elements when deciding what color to paint a wall or what fabric to upholster a chair, and when deciding what accessories to use that will help balance a room. We make these same decisions every morning when we decide what we are going to wear that day. Some mornings I wake up knowing that I want or need to wear a particular color today. Perhaps you’ve had the same experience? What if in the future you could make these choices with more awareness supporting them, thereby enhancing your energy in ways you never thought of before using Feng Shui?

Applying the principals of the Five Elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal, can help you to cultivate and/or enhance a characteristic or attribute you like about yourself or diminish one your not so fond of. For example, maybe you’re a person who is fun loving and have a great sense of humor, but your clothes convey a different more conservative message. Adding the element of fire to your personal style can show people you are someone who enjoys life and is fun to be around.

Conversely, the element of wood can be used to overcome a personality trait such as, shyness or insecurity that keeps you from pursuing a new career or relationship. On the other hand maybe you are feeling anxious and fearful, then some earth maybe just the thing you need to ground you and give you more stability.

Below are some examples of how you can incorporate dressing with the 5 elements for everyday life situations:
• The Interview: To increase your confidence and assertiveness wear the color green, vertical stripes and wooden high-heal shoes to enhance the element of wood.
• The Management Meeting: To enhance your leadership and organization skills wear the colors white or gray, polka dots, prominent metal pin or round watch to increase the element of metal.
• The PR Event: To boost your visibility and self-expression wear the colors red or purple, star shapes or zigzag stripes, silk blouse or fur trimmed jacket to bring in the element of fire.
• The Disciplinary Review: To create feelings of caring, consideration and supporting times of stress and confrontation wear the colors yellow or brown, strong horizontal lines, cotton and chenille fabrics to enhance the element of earth.
• The Brainstorm Session: Adding the element of water will help you to tap into your creative side and let go of structure and increase your ability to think outside the box. Wearing the colors black, blue, and cream, loose fitting clothes that lack structure, sheer, lace and velvet fabrics all support the element of water.

There are many ways for you to use the five elements in your wardrobe allowing you to create a unique style that enhances your individual personality and style. When you choose items with intention for what you wish to enhance or diminish about your character you are actively creating the life you want. Tomorrow when you are standing in front of your closet consciously ask yourself what do I want to wear today that is going to help me feel and act the way to chose to be in the world.

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Mental Clutter, Got Some? by Krista Polinsky, EMP, CFSP

Every spring I talk about, CLUTTER. Most people relate it to their possessions, their objects and belongings, as most of us have some area of our home that collects clutter. Fortunately for me clutter of possessions has never been a major problem. Every spring and fall I would clear out my clothes closet and bring donations to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Being a Virgo, I always had the desire to be organized, especially with my clothes. In addition, having moved fifteen times between the ages of 3 to 27 kept me from hanging on to anything unnecessary for too long either. I remember being proud of the fact I could fit most of my belongings into my Honda Accord hatchback.

Well that is all fine and good but there is another kind of clutter, clutter of the mind, the thoughts, and the beliefs. That is the clutter I am talking about today. I have spent a good amount of the past 10 years examining my thoughts and beliefs and where they came from. Some I have let go of, some have lessened quite a bit and some are hanging on for dear life. I have learned to laugh at myself much more than ever, thank God, but yet those old thoughts want to keep me down, keep me hiding, keep me afraid. Can you relate? Perhaps you can. So I keep noticing these thoughts that I have identified with my whole life and I say, this is not my thought, only one I find familiar but it is not mine, I breathe into it and let go of my attachment to it to the best of my ability. Sometimes, though I forget the belief is not mine and I freeze, stop breathing and feel stuck. Can you relate to feeling stuck too?

The more I do the work that I do, I realize nothing is ours, possessions or otherwise. We are just having experiences of our unconscious mind, until we WAKE UP or AWAKEN and realize who we are. Are you awake? What are you doing to become CONSCIOUS? What are you doing to support your own awakening and the awakening of others?

Some signs that you are asleep:
1. You take everything personal
2. You come from the place of I should or shouldn’t.
3. You feel guilty most of the time.
4. You are overly defensive of your actions or non-actions.

Four principals to live by:
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t make assumptions.
3. Don’t take things personal.
4. Always do your best.
(Taken from the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz)

Implement one agreement at a time and see how you do. When you get triggered remember to pause, take a deep breath and smile. We can only change one thing; our self, when we realize that life is much more effortless.