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Energy Healing

Energy Healing for the Individual

Our bodies are giving us messages all the time, however many of us are going so fast that we seldom slow down long enough to hear them. Most of us have been taught to focus our energies and attention on others and events outside ourselves. We are taught it is selfish to think of and care for ourselves. This lack of self care can leads to dis-ease and ultimately illness in the body. Unfortunately, sometimes, getting ill is the way our body gets our attention and slows us down long enough to examine how we got here. It is usually at this time when we begin to evaluate our lives and how we contracted a particular disease.

It is during this time of self-reflection that we begin to assess what is most important in our lives. It is also during this process when we need to examine our beliefs and how they do or do not support us.

Many of us under estimate the direct relationship between our beliefs and our overall health and well-being, but it is our beliefs, conscious or unconscious which impact the decisions we make on a daily basis. When we can identify the belief(s) that keep us from having the life we truly desire, we can make a conscious effort to change it and let go of the old patterns that hold us back and keep us stuck.
Energy medicine supports the body coming back into balance. By using hands on techniques, I assesses where the clients is holding his or her energy, where their energy is stagnant and/or deficient. Depending on how they hold their energy will determine the chakras impacted and therefore the beliefs associated with those chakras. My goal is to identify the client’s core wound and bring it into their awareness so that they can heal it.
For example if their wound is, “I’m not good enough.” Then we work to identify the life experiences and traumas which validate this belief. I work to support them in realizing that this belief is not their truth thereby allowing the energy pattern to shift and healing to occur.


  • Increase sense of well-being and peacefulness
  • Increased awareness around a particular illness being present in your body
  • Feeling of empowerment and increased self-esteem
  • Connect to your passion and sense of joy to be alive
  • Find direction and purpose in living

What happens during a session?
A typical session is 90 minutes in length. The first 15 minutes are spent talking, and then the client will lie down on a massage table, fully clothed, removing only your shoes and any metal jewelry. The energy session lasts approximately 60 minutes. During the session I inform the client what is being revealed to me via their energy system. I use many different healing techniques to clear and balance the client’s energy. During this process I am supporting the client to make connections between their beliefs, emotions and their physical body to support them in shifting their energy.
After the energy session we discuss what patterns are happening with their energy and how it is impacting their health and wellbeing. I give each client “homework” or rather things they need to work on between sessions to support the energy shift holding.

During the energy session you may have different sensations. You may feel: heat, cold, peaceful, calm, or sleepy. Sometimes the body will twitch or feel very heavy. These are all common experiences.

How many sessions will I need?
Energy medicine is a process of healing. During this process the client begins to recognize and accept aspects of themselves that they either rejected or denied. As a result, it is through their self-awareness and self-acceptance that they begin to heal and become whole.

The process of healing is different for each client and I never promise any outcome, although many of my clients state major changes in their energy after only their first session. It is up to them how long the energy will hold. I do suggest that you look at this work as a process and realize that if you have had a pattern for many years you will need several visits over a period of time to support shifting and creating a healthier way of living and being. (See the section on Special Packages for discounts on purchasing multiple sessions at one time).

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