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Mental Clutter, Got Some? by Krista Polinsky, EMP, CFSP

What thoughts and beliefs are no longer serving you?

If Your Clothes Could Talk, What Would They Say About You? by Krista Polinsky

How to dress using the 5 elements

What is Dowsing and How Can I Benefit from Learning it?

In the simplest of explanations, to dowse is to search for what is otherwise hidden from view. It is believed that we have been using forms of dowsing for thousands of years as a way to communicate with the Divine perhaps that is why dowsing rods are also referred to as divining rods.

5 Essential Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here and with it brings the energy of “New Beginnings” and opportunity for change and renewal. In order to capture this potent and potential energy we need to release the old, both in objects and ideas that are no longer serving us and what we visualize for ourselves and our life.

What is Your Clutter Trying to Tell You?

Our homes are mirrors for our lives. They are maps for helping us to identify issues that need to be addressed. A Feng Shui Practitioner is trained to determine what imbalances in the space may be influencing its inhabitants. As we know from Chinese Medicine, to maintain health, our chi (energy) needs to flow freely. Since the home is also seen as a symbol for the body, Feng Shui practitioners can be described as “acupuncturists” for the home.

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